Devon Albinus

A Tevinter mage and heir to a Magisterium Seat, rebelling against his father.



Character Level: 2

Name: Devon Albinus
Race: Human Gender: Male Class: Mage
Age: 27 Height: 5’11" Weight: 155lbs
Hair: Black Eyes: Green
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Background: Tevinter Altus
Languages: Tevene, Trade Tongue


  • A Tevinter mage and heir to a Magisterium Seat, rebelling against his father.


  • Hone his magical skill to a fine blade.
  • Use that blade to overthrow his father.
  • From his new spot in the Magisterium, work to enforce stricter controls on Blood Magic.


  • Familiar with the Forsythia ‘Assassin’
  • Got in a battle of fashion with an Orlesian Fop. He swears upon the Black Divine he won.


  • Communication: 3
    • Leadership
  • Constitution: 0
  • Cunning: 4
  • Dexterity: 2
  • Magic: 4
    • Arcane Lance
    • Primal
  • Perception: 1
  • Strength: -1
  • Willpower: 3

Class Powers

  • Weapon Groups: Brawling, Staves
  • Arcane Lance Attack: 3d6+6 Damage: 1d6+4 Range: 16 yds
  • Magic Training: Primal


  • Lore (Novice)

Total HP: 28 Current HP: 28
Initiative: 3d6+2 Speed: 12 Defense: 12
Mana Points: 16 Current Mana Points: 16
Spellpower Base: 14


  • Flame BlastSchool: Primal Type: Attack Cost:3 MP Time: Major Action Test: Dexterity (Acrobatics) vs. Spellpower Notes: Gouts of blazing fire erupt from your outstretched hands, burning nearby targets. The flame blast is 8 yards long and 2 yards wide. Anyone hit by the blast takes 2d6+1 damage. Targets that make a successful Dexterity (Acrobatics) test vs. your Spellpower only take 1d6+1 damage. TN: 12
  • Rock ArmorSchool: Primal Type: Defensive Cost: 3-8 MP Time: 1 Min Test: None Notes: Your skin becomes as hard as stone and protects you from harm. Rock armor has an Armor Rating equal to your Magic ability. The spell lasts for 1 hour but its duration can be extended by spending additional mana points. For each additional MP spent beyond the first 3, rock armor remains in effect for another hour, to a maximum of 6 hours total. A mage wearing regular armor gains no benefit from this spell. You can only cast this on yourself. TN: 10
  • Winter’s GraspSchool: Primal Type: Attack Cost: 3 MP Time: Major Action Test: Constitution (Stamina) vs. Spellpower Notes: You envelop a visible target within 20 yards of you in a cloud of frost and ice that lasts a number of rounds equal to your Magic ability. The round you cast it, winter’s grasp inflicts 1d6 penetrating damage. While the spell is in effect, the target must make a Constitution (Stamina) test vs. your Spellpower at the start of each of their turns. If successful, the spell ends. If the test is failed, the target takes 1d6 penetrating damage and suffers a cumulative –2 penalty to Speed. Those killed by winter’s grasp are frozen solid. TN: 12
  • Flaming WeaponsSchool: Primal Type: Enhancement Cost: 6 MP Time: Major Action Test: None Notes: The readied melee weapons of allies within 10 yards of you burst into flames, and inflict an additional 1d6 damage with each successful attack. This last for one minute; you can extend this duration when you cast the spell by spending an additional 3 MP per additional minute you would like it to last. This spell does not harm the weapons it affects and may be cast on frost weapons. TN: 15


  • None


  • Quarterstaff Attack: 3d6-1 Damage: 1d6


  • Backpack, Traveler’s Garb, Wand, Waterskin

Copper Pieces: 0 Silver Pieces: 63 Gold Pieces: 0


Companion Level Threshold
Ashalle Brightmore Acquaintance 3


Devon Albinus, heir apparent to the seat of Magister Albinus, enjoyed all the privileges the upper class of Minrathous could provide him. Comfortable living, caring parents, attentive ‘staff,’ and when he began to show the spark of a Mage? A straight shot to the Minrathous tower to be properly trained by the best teachers the Imperium could offer. For his early life, Devon couldn’t have been happier, even as news as what was happening in the… Odd southern countries reached his ears, he was busy studying books, learning spells, and probably doing a bit too much socializing for his own good. His parents turned their eyes away from it, letting him be him, and social skills would be all but required by the time he entered the Magisterium proper.

For a while, life was good.

One night, however, after Devon had graduated to his own personal studies, and a small break at his opulent home. He was going to consult his father about a current issue relating to a particularly frustrating spell to figure out, when he found something that quietly horrified him. His father, bloodied knife in hand, the other waving as he used the blood of one of their slaves to cast some spell or another. Devon did not stick around long enough to figure out what it was, but, he did not outright flee. He knew Blood Magic was a tool, one that many in his country paid lip service to being inherently ‘evil,’ while everyone had the understanding that basically anyone with any sense, or desire for any real power in the Magisterium. But he still never had a taste for it. Some rebellious instinct in him, some sense of ‘integrity,’ told him that he wouldn’t ever need it. He could become a strong enough mage without it, and he could damn well persuade people well without it.

But his father using it, sullying their name? Inexcusable.

So, with word of the conflict ending in the south, and of a Divine that perhaps wasn’t as backward as so many before her, Devon applied for, and decided to take his training southward, away from Tevinter, his father. To hide what he was truly doing at all costs. They may have been family, they may even thought we loved each other like family should.

But his father certainly wouldn’t take kindly to his son working to become powerful enough to overthrow him, after all.

Devon Albinus

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