The Party

The Party

Karasaad Devon Albinus
Tristan Sauvage Maiya Varell
Kam’halen Varell Elohra Elenvir

Karasaad Hoplelessly_Romantic.png

A skilled and steadfast Qunari warrior seeking glory for the Qun and the Arishok.

Devon Albinus Hoplelessly_Romantic.png

A Tevinter mage and heir to a Magisterium Seat, rebelling against his father.

Tristan Sauvage Hoplelessly_Romantic.png

Creating his own legend.

Maiya Varell Hoplelessly_Romantic.png

A kind-hearted and adventurous Dalish hunter.

Kam’halen Varell Hoplelessly_Romantic.png

Elohra Elenvir Hoplelessly_Romantic.png

A Kirkwall survivor searching for a purpose.


The Party

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